The Burkburnett Development Corporation (BDC) promotes Burkburnett and its unique character through the redevelopment and revitalization of existing buildings throughout the community, historic preservation, community involvement, and by providing educational and technical assistance to business and property owners. With existing buildings throughout Burkburnett as a key focus of the Economic Development Program, the Burkburnett Development Corporation Board of Directors has adopted the following Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Program.

Each fiscal year (October 1 through September 30), the Burkburnett Development Corporation Board of Directors considers allocation of funds in the BDC’s budget for the grant program. The BDC may open and close windows of time for applicants to apply for grants.  These funds are generated through sales and use tax generated from business in Burkburnett. No additional cost for the program is born by the citizens of Burkburnett. Applications are considered as they are received, and may be funded, if approved, until funds are depleted.